Monday, 23 April 2012

The Expanding Universe

And the heaven We built with Our own powers and indeed We go on expanding it. [51:48]

It was only as recent as the 1920s when Edwin Hubble made the discovery that the galaxies were speeding away from each other. The above verse, which was revealed to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) some 1400 years ago, clearly confirms what Hubble observed. This concept of the expanding universe is unique to the Quran and no other holy books comes even close to describing such a phenomenon.

The discovery of the expanding universe has been the greatest landmark in the scientific field. Newton and others should have realized that a static universe would mean that it would soon start to contract under the influence of gravity. If the universe was expanding at a slower rate, then the force of gravity would eventually cause it to stop and the universe would start contracting. If instead, it was expanding at a rapid rate, then gravity would never be strong enough to stop it, and thus the universe would be expanding forever.
The understanding of the expanding universe is important to scientists because it helps create a better understanding in creation of the universe. Hubble’s research suggested a hypothesis that the further a galaxy is, the faster it is moving away. This meant that the universe is not static as it was thought it to be, but it is expanding. In conclusion, the space between the different galaxies is growing all the time.

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